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CHILD HEALTH CARE ARAMBAG is a unique clinic that specializes in providing comprehensive healthcare for children. Our approach is integrated, ensuring that all aspects of a child's health are taken into consideration during treatment. Our primary goal is to cater to the needs of the Lower and Middle Socio Economic Class by offering affordable rates and minimizing the need for hospital admissions.

Unlike other clinics in West Bengal, and possibly in all of India, CHILD HEALTH CARE ARAMBAG offers a pioneering concept of "INTEGRATED CHILD CARE." This means that we combine different specialty treatments with the practice of yoga, providing a holistic approach to healthcare for children. We are proud to be an independent venture, operating without any financial assistance.

If you are interested in our best products, services, or training, we invite you to book an appointment with us. You can reach us at 9732948496 or 7362988044 during office hours. We look forward to serving you and your child's healthcare needs. 

Our Different Services.

Contact: in WhatsApp: 7362988044, 7362988045.

Child Health Care Arambag is a specialized clinic that focuses on providing integrated healthcare for children. Our goal is to cater to the needs of the lower and middle socio-economic class by offering affordable rates and minimizing the need for hospital admissions.

Unlike other clinics in West Bengal, and possibly in all of India, Child Health Care Arambag is the pioneer of the "integrated child care" concept, where different specialty treatments are combined with yoga. We are an independent venture that operates without any financial assistance, making us the first of our kind in Bharat and Bengal.

One of our innovative techniques is Rajatsubhra's Manual Opening of Phimosis (RMOP), a bloodless procedure for the treatment of phimosis. We also offer treatment for asthma with minimal inhalers through our On Steroid of Rajatsubhra (ODISTR) method. Additionally, we provide non-surgical treatments for conditions such as congenital constipation, enlarged tonsils, hernia, hydrocele, autism, vitiligo, leg pain, and more. Our services also include free pulmonary function tests (PFT), diet counseling, and growth monitoring.

At Child Health Care Arambag, we follow the principles of Sri Yoga to create a rhythmic and enjoyable working environment for all our staff members.

You can find us at Netaji Square, Arambag, PIN-712601. For inquiries or appointments, please contact us at 7362988044 or 7362988045.

We offer various clinics and services, including:

1. Asthma Clinic: Treatment with minimum or no inhalers through ODISTR and allergy tests. Package price: Rs. 3000.

2. Growth Clinic: For children with poor growth or obesity. Package price: Rs. 3500.

3. Pain Leg and Flat Foot Clinic: Specialized treatment for leg pain and flat foot conditions. Package price: Rs. 700.

4. Psychological Counseling.

5. Autism Screening.

6. Speech Therapy.

7. Diet Counseling.

8. Physiotherapy.

9. Newborn Section: Management of conditions such as bended leg, club foot, or CTEV without plaster.

10. Pediatric Surgery and Clinic: Non-surgical treatments for phimosis through Rajatsubhra's Manual Opening of Phimosis (RMOP) (package price: Rs. 2000), management of hernia and hydrocele with prolotherapy (package price: Rs. 3000), and treatment for enlarged tonsils (package price: 

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Contact No. 7362968044, 7362988045

An Integrated Child Treatment Center Exclusively in Arambag.

CHILD HEALTH CARE ARAMBAG is working  for HEALTHY CHILD HEALTHY NATION.  We are innovative to provide a cost effective approach with less Admission, less Investigation and less Operation.  

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Our SOCIAL ACTIVITIES for the Better Child Health of India.

Dr Rajarsubhra's research on Intranasal Steroid Therapy is showing a new dimension of Asthma Management to cut down the need of  long term inhaler Steroid use and the cost burden to the lower socio- economic class.

This Excellent Research work and its application is making possible an Operation Free way for the PHIMOSIS in minimum cost.